Where to Eat in Tulsa This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Tasha on February 10th, 2011 in Restaurants

PSST: Looking for 2012 Valentine’s Day things to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Snuggle up to the full list at DO WHAT? at This Land Press. Your love life will thank you.

Valentines Day Eats in Tulsa

The folks over at Tulsa Food, ShopTulsa and Tasha Does Tulsa have collaborated to bring you a list of the best of the best Tulsa restaurants to call for a reservation for Valentine’s Day weekend, complete with reviews, deals, special menus, recommendations on what to order and, of course, the numbers to punch on your phone when it’s time to make your reservations.

Here’s to your own Lady in the Tramp spaghetti-eating scene-in-the-making. In no particular order, here are our top picks for the most romantic restaurants in Tulsa:

Stonehorse Cafe
Where: 1748 Utica Square
Phone: (918) 712-7470
Pricing (out of five $, with five being priciest): $$$
What to Order: The Bleu Salad; Pizza Margherita; Anything made with Stonehorse’s housemade sausage; Bread pudding (order it with dinner, though, because it’s made to-order, individually)
Tulsa Food: Wonderful wine list and all their food is made from scratch: From sauces, pastas to ice cream. The meat is always of utmost quality and seafood is very fresh. Stonehorse is in Utica Square, so it’s perfect for a romantic stroll before or after dinner.
TDT: It’s easy to get cozy at Stonehorse. It’s even easier to get an unforgettable dinner at this Utica Square cafe – everything, and I mean everything, on the menu is outstanding.

The Brasserie
Where: 3509 S. Peoria Avenue
Phone: (918) 779-7070
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Alsatian tarte flambe; steak tartare; brioche French toast; steak frites
Tulsa Food: Very classy French restaurant. The food is prepared with great attention to detail and atmosphere is superb. Very top-notch wine list.
TDT: The French know love, sure, but perhaps even better, they know food. Get French-inspired cuisine by one of Tulsa’s top (and hottest) chefs in a chic, old-world atmosphere.

In the Raw
Where: 3321 S. Peoria Avenue on Brookside; 6151 S. Sheridan on the Hill
Phone: Brookside, (918) 744-1300; On the Hill, (918) 524-0063
Pricing: $$$$
What to Order: Volcano Roll, Spider Roll, Macadamia nut halibut
Tulsa Food: Oklahoma company that offers an amazing sushi experience. Great sushi but a little pricey. South location is located on a hill with a great view.
TDT: There’s a reason this swanky sushi joint is always packed. It’s got the food and the atmosphere to make your V-Day something to remember.

Palace Cafe
Where: 1301 E. 15th Street
Phone: (918) 582-4321
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Smoke Grill Salmon, Gourmet Lobster Corndogs, anything off the bento menus
Tulsa Food: Very private booth seating, perfect low lighting. Everything from gourmet lobster corndogs to daily catches and steaks. The chef here has a good outlook on food and is opposed to processed food.
TDT: Palace Cafe offers the most romantic dining atmosphere in Tulsa, hands down. The food, as scores of natives know, is some of the best in the region.

Where: 1536 E. 15th Street
Phone: (918) 592-5825
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Grilled Flatbread, Asian-Style Porkchop, Bacon-Wrapped Halibut, Lucky’s Cheeseburger
Tulsa Food: One of our favorite restaurants in Tulsa, run by a husband/wife team of culinary geniuses. These two have brough an unmatched sense of style and beautiful, quality food that has kept us coming back time and time again.
TDT: Find the most innovative fine dining menu at Lucky’s on Cherry Street. Be sure to have a glass of the many biodynamic wines available at the bar with dinner.

Sonoma Bistro & Wine Bar
Where: 3523 S. Peoria Avenue
Phone: (918) 747-9463
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: BBQ Salmon Tamale, White Pizza, Tomato Bisque Soup
Tulsa Food: This is an awesome place to go for a light dinner and drinks. It is a very pleasant atmosphere with one of the best wine lists in Tulsa. The chef pays so much attention to detail and the food is phenomenal.
TDT: The wine list at Sonoma was built to be the best – and one of the largest – in town. Plus, the food could stand up to what’s available in the real Sonoma County any day.

Where: 1433 E. 15th Street
Phone: (918) 582-3456
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Chicken Florentine Pizza, Pasta l’Arabiata
Tulsa Food: This is one of Tulsa’s hidden treasures. The food is so fresh, and the pizza is to die for! I couldn’t believe how fresh the ingredients on the pizza were. Great place for a lunch date and dinner reservation.
TDT: Talk about a moody atmosphere. If you chose Tucci’s as your destination for V-Day Dinner 2010, you can bet that some serious romance will ensue.

Ti Amo
Where: Downtown at 219 S. Cheyenne Avenue; 6024 S. Sheridan Avenue in south Tulsa
Phone: Downtown, (918) 592-5151; south Tulsa, (918) 499-1919
Pricing: $$
What to Order: Ravioli Fritti, Penne Toscana, Chicken Marsala
Tulsa Food: Wonder atmosphere…and very romantic. The live music really sets the tone for the evening. The food is standard Italian and is located in a beautiful location in downtown and also south Tulsa. We recommend the downtown location.
TDT: There’s a reason I went to Ti Amo for dinner before my high school prom, and while the food is fabulous, the atmosphere is the epitome of le romance – especially at the cozy, underground downtown location.

Bodean Seafood Restaurant
Where: 3376 E. 51st Street
Phone: (918) 749-1407
Pricing: $$$$$
What to Order: Sesame-Crusted Gulf Yellowfin Tuna, Pecanwood-Grilled Costa Rican Mahi Mahi. If cooking at home, the Maine lobsters are so fresh and make a perfect meal…any of the seafood at Bodean’s Market is top-notch.
Tulsa Food: Two times a day seafood is flown in from the coast. This is the most upscale restaurant in Tulsa. Beautiful atmosphere. This is a great place for a very special occasion and is sure to impress the one you love!! Voted by TIME magazine as one of the top restaurants in the nation.
TDT: THE freshest seafood in town, available as it’s flown in twice daily to family-owned Bodean’s. If you’d rather dine at home, check out Bodean’s fish market, facing 51st Street.

Garlic Rose
Where: 3509 S. Peoria Avenue on Brookside; 9904 Riverside Parkway on the River
Phone: Brookside, (918) 392-5550; Riverside, (918) 746-4900
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Baked Brie, Complementary bread with roasted garlic, Canneloni
Tulsa Food: The food is superb and has a fantastic presentation. Make sure to park around back and walk through the courtyard. Going to this restaurant gave me an out-of-Tulsa, out-of-country experience. We like to call ahead and ask for a spot by the fireplace. We recommend the Brookside location; however, the Riverside location is very nice and if not too cold, a walk around the river’s edge is quite romantic. There is actually a bench swing for two by the river.
TDT: Garlic Rose isn’t a Tulsa tradition by accident. No one can go wrong by choosing Garlic Rose for their dining destination this Valentine’s Day.

Where: 1560 S. 21st Street in Midtown; 6058 S. Yale Avenue in south Tulsa; at Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Catoosa
Phone: Midtown, (918) 742-8080; south Tulsa, (918) 388-8080; McGill’s on 19 (Hard Rock), (918) 384-7500
Pricing: $$$$
What to Order: Pasta Lobster, Coconut Beer Shrimp, Crab Cakes and, of course, the Filet
Tulsa Food: Very traditional, reminds me of a clubhouse that you would find at a country club. The wait staff is very attentive and professional, taking care of every need. Intimate setting with a warm, inviting feel. Great place to get a steak.
TDT: McGill’s is the plate to be for those of you who equate V-Day with a glorious steak dinner. If you’re feeling really fancy, check out McGill’s on 19 at Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa.

Where: 3524 S. Peoria Avenue
Phone: (918) 794-8200
Pricing: $$
What to Order: Spring Rolls, KEO Sampler, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, Banana Won-Ton with Vanilla Bean Gelato, Anything from the sake menu
Tulsa Food: Very modern, sophisticated restaurant with a very classy, open feel. the two of the main walls are glass, so you are able to people-watch from inside the restaurant. The owners are fabulous. Chef Zahidah Hyman grew up in Asia and brought back many of her family’s recipes to Tulsa. She and her husband Bill Hyman make a great team. The food is very unique and full of flavor…great place for cocktails or a nice date.
TDT: KEO is home to some of the most artful and innovative dishes in Tulsa, not to mention the most attention to authentic Asian culinary traditions. If a swanky atmosphere is a must this V-Day, KEO is your spot.

The Chalkboard
Where: 1324 S. Main Street
Phone: (918) 582-1964
Pricing: $$$
What to Order: Eggs Benedict, Mimosas, Atlantic Salmon, Chicken Kiev, Stuffed French Toast
Tulsa Food: This place as some of the best brunch in Tulsa. It is located in the beautiful Ambassador Downtown. The European style goes right along with the food and creates a wonder place to spend the evening.
TDT: The Chalkboard is a bonafide Tulsa tradition, especially when it comes to brunch. The lunch is good and dinner is great, but brunch is legendary. It tastes even better after a night’s stay in the Hotel Ambassador, which houses this celebrated cafe.

Where: Downtown at 309 East 2nd Street
Phone: (918) 508-7676
Pricing: $$$
What to order:
Tulsa Food: Yokozuna revived our faith in the Tulsa sushi scene. Don’t believe us? Check this out.
TDT: Picture this: You’re tearing into a bowl of pork belly ramen or a roll of expertly made sushi as the lights of downtown Tulsa wink through the huge windows in the dining room at Yokozuna. It’s like dinner in the big city but without the traffic headaches, but with every bit of the quality of food that’s prepared by expert chef Greg Bossler. Also? The fortune cookies are hilarious.

Hey Mambo Italiano
Where: 114 N. Boston Ave.
Call: (918) 508-7000
Pricing: $$
What to order: Share the Center of the Universe pizza, or opt for a giant bowl of housemade pasta
Tulsa Food: Too bad Enrico Caruso didn’t stop here on the way to the Brady. Instead of singing and catching cold, he’d have stayed here and lived forever. Get the Tulsa Food review here.
TDT: Hey Mambo is the kind of place to hit up when you’re looking for a casual chic spot to get a bite before heading to a downtown Valentine’s Day party. The menu is short, sweet and sure to please even the most discerning fans of Italian cuisine, and the service is choice. Get the TDT review here.

Where: In Tulsa Hills at 7153 South Olympia Avenue
Phone: (918) 770-0719
Pricing: $$$
What to order: Peppardelle Primavera, Chicken Rollatini al Funghi, Vitello Marsala, Piccante Pizza
Tulsa Food: Piatto is a celebration of tastes in Italian cuisine. The standard here, the owners say, is “to do as little as possible to the best possible ingredients, secured locally wherever possible, and pair wines with dishes to bring out the harmony of flavors.” When you go to Piatto, you get exactly that. Here’s our full review.
TDT: I’ll just come right on out and say it: Piatto is serving up the best Italian food in Tulsa right now. The atmosphere is great and everything, but if you love food and it’s what you look forward to most on the loviest, doviest day of the year, a table at Piatto should be the object of your desire. Here’s more from TDT on why.

Michael V’s Restaurant & Bar
Where: In Bixby at 8222 East 103rd Street
Phone: (918) 369-0310
Pricing: $$$$
What to order: Menu
Tulsa Food: One of our reviewers visited Michael V’s, and she gave it nothing but high marks.
TDT: There are several bloggers based on the south side of town who rave about Michael V’s, and you know how opinionated bloggers can be. The atmosphere is one of the most cozy, most romantic in the area, and it’s the perfect excuse to dress in something a little fancy this Valentine’s Day.

New Restaurants to Try

Will nothing but the newest restaurants make your short list of spots to consider for this year’s Valentine’s Day dinner? Here are some ideas:

Valentine’s Day specials at Tulsa restaurants this year

In cooperation with ShopTulsa, here’s a list of Valentine’s Day specials running at Tulsa restaurants. Know of more? E-mail me with details.

Dinner for Two at Joe Momma’s Pizza
Where: 112 S. Elgin
Here are the details: Get a dinner for two at Joe Momma’s this V-Day at $25 for couples under 21 years of age,
$35 for over 21. Included is a 10-inch specialty pizza, two side salads and two drinks (or two glasses of wine for those who opt for the over-21 dinner). For dessert, it’s chocolate-covered strawberries. Way to swank it up, JM!

Kiss at Qdoba
Where: Cherry Street; 51st and Yale; 71st and Lewis; 71st Street and Memorial
Guests who kiss the person with whom they came can buy one entree and get one free. Plus, from Feb. 11-14, Qdoba will also offer free chips and queso to Facebook fans who post a photo of themselves kissing someone (or something) on Qdoba’s Facebook page (participants in the FB promotion must have a Qdoba card, which are available at any Tulsa location, and must post their card numbers with the entry – the offer will be uploaded to their Qdoba card 5-7 days after posting).

Villa Ravenna & Lovetts Gallery, Sitting In A Tree
Every purchase made at Lovetts Gallery between now and Feb. 14 is a chance to win a $100 dinner for two at Villa Ravenna, the Italian restaurant of much repute tucked into the northeast corner of The Farm Shopping Center at 51st and Sheridan.

Making Cookies at Sage Culinary Studio
Head to one of the Sage locations – there’s one in Regal Plaza at 105th and Memorial now, as well as the original spot on Brookside – to decorate Valentine’s Day cookies with your kiddos. Pre-register here.

Suite Deal
Grab a weekend package at The Canebrake in Wagoner this weekend that includes champagne, sweets, a wine flight, brunch for two, a cheese plate and a pair of embroidered bath robes. The lovers’ menu options in the restaurant include shared plates of oysters, cold water lobster tails, venison chops, beef filet en croute, wild mushroom strudel and a prawn cocktail. Call (918) 485-1810 for reservations.

Tuscan Valentine
Guest speaker Paola Tealdi from Col D’Orcia will speak at tis year’s special Valentine’s Day dinner at Biga Vino e Cucina on Brookside, and she’ll talk about some of the best wines in Tuscany, including her brunello. The meal will be five courses created to match the wines. Cost is $60 (which, for five courses with wine and a guest speaker, is a bargain). Call (918) 743-2442 for reservations.

Stir up Romance at The Melting Pot at Riverwalk Crossing in Jenks
Available from Feb. 11-14, the Valentine’s Day four-course dinner includes Tomato Basil Cheddar Cheese Fondue, a chef salad, filet mignon, garlic chili chicken, shrimp, pork tenderloin and Strawberry Mascarpone Chocolate Fondue. Feb. 14 guests receive a complimentary Champagne flute and a photo. Celebration packages (roses, chocolate-covered strawberries and other gift items) can be added to your reservation in advance. Cost for dinner is $130 per couple plus tax and 18 percent gratuity. A child’s plate (smaller portions of cheese fondue, an entrée and chocolate fondue) is available for $30. Call (918) 299-8000 for reservations.

Mi Amore Valentine’s Weekend at Stone Bluff Cellars
Choose from dinner times from Friday night through Sunday brunch and into Valentine’s Day proper, all the result of a partnership between Stone Bluff Cellars and Mondo’s Italian. Depending on when you make it to the vineyard, get music by Trio Spiritoso and fudge from Stephanie’s Fabulous Fudge. Call (918) 482-5655 for reservations.

Know of more restaurant deals? E-mail me details.

Want even more options?

Check out the Food and Restaurants categories here at TDT, look over the massive amount of reviews at Tulsa Food and keep an eye on ShopTulsa’s Twitter stream for live updates on places to go and gifts to buy for a Tulsa-tastic Valentine’s Day.

Looking for something to do besides eat?

Check out this Valentine’s Day-flavored list of things to do this weekend.


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